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Why Upgrade from Garmin Echomap Plus to Echomap UHD?

Recently, Garmin has discontinued production of its Echomap Plus Fishfinder/Chartplotter Series, therefor blowing through the remaining inventory at the end of 2019 with extremely enticing deals.  Many of us anglers wondered: “Why discontinue what seemed to be one of the best bang-for-your-buck deals in the marine electronics industry?”  Well, Garmin has released the replacement Echomap UHD units and now we understand.  Garmin UHD units are practically the big brother to the Garmin Plus units as they barely exceed in price but tenfold in imaging and cartography capabilities. 

The biggest difference in the Garmin Echomap Plus and Echomap UHD units are the UHD unit’s ability to interpret Ultra High Definition transducer data from the newly released GT52 3-in-1 transducer. Stated best by the Garmin development team during the release: The UHD units are “a new line of mid-sized keyed and touchscreen with keyed-assist combos that bring premium features like built-in support for Garmin’s crystal-clear Ultra High-Definition scanning sonar and award-winning Panoptix LiveScope™ to smaller, more affordable display options. Not only does the new UHD series come with best-in-class sonar capabilities, but the best mapping too. Available with preloaded BlueChart® g3 charts or LakeVü g3 maps – both with integrated Navionics data – anglers will benefit from the latest and most detail-rich cartography built-in and ready to go out of the box.”

UHD units give crystal-clear scanning of fish and structure.  Anglers can purchase Garmin UHD units in 6 inch,7 inch, and 9 inch touchscreen sizes.  At a price point only $50 more than its little brother Echomap Plus, UHD units are amazingly affordable and currently available at  With the 6” UHD units begin at $499.99, 7” at $649.99, and the 9” at $899.99 there is not another fishfinder series on the market that can compare on price and features.

Bundle the unit with a Panoptix Livescope System and you will have no question the best system available on the market!  The LVS2 Livescope Transducer is available in transom, trolling motor, and thru hull mounts.  All 7” and 9” UHD units are compatible with the Panoptix Livescope and we carry Garmin boat bundles of all size and options at  Bundling Panoptix and your UHD unit will provide nearly photographic views with excellent resolution and target separation in both freshwater and saltwater. Anglers can see real-time sonar imagery at video-like speed. Panoptix shows an image of fish swimming and moving toward or away from the boat- even while stationary- in real time and up to 100 feet away!

In addition to being compatible with the Panoptix Livescope, the 7” and 9” Garmin UHD models also work seamlessly with the new Force Trolling Motor.  Users can control the motor from the screen, route to waypoints, follow tracks, and more.  The Force trolling motor is 30% more powerful than existing freshwater trolling motors on the market today. All that power means anglers can cover more water and stay on their spots longer, even in tough conditions. As the new player in the trolling motor business, Garmin was intent on delivering a motor that is powerful yet still supremely quiet. Thanks to its brushless motor, Force operates with nearly undetectable interference, so it won’t fuzz up your sonar screen with static.

Overall, Garmin UHD units are well worth the upgrade.  The features and compatibility are not rivaled in the marine electronics industry as Garmin continually one-ups themselves year after year. With the 2019 Icast Best In Show going to the Panoptix Livescope and the 2020 Icast Best in Show going to the Force Trolling motor, Garmin continues to prove their future focused approach to marine technology translates to anglers on a big scale.  Graphshack is proud to carry the full line of Garmin Electronics and accessories to cater to all of your fishing needs. 

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