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Ultimate Fishfinder and Marine Electronics Warranty Guide

When it comes to buying new marine electronics endless amounts of research, comparisons, and reviews are where many start their search. Hours upon hours are spent on the web trying to decide which size, options, and extras they can fit onto their console or bow without considering one of the most important factors of all: Warranty. Imagine, your worst dream becomes reality when you are carefree fishing and your beloved head unit bites the dust as electronics tend to do. If you haven’t been there, its not a question of if but when. What do you do other than cuss your head unit and begin checking your bank account while you begin formulating a plan to tell the spouse why to spend more on fishing? Can you take advantage of the warranty given by the manufacturer? This simple backup plan could save you some serious dough in the long run. Manufacturers such as Lowrance, Humminbird and Garmin all offer warranties that could save your butt and keep you using your favorite marine electronics combo for a long time to come. The differences between marine electronics warranties can be confusing and difficult to find on the web which is why we dove deep and consolidated them all into one informative post for the GraphShack community.

In order to take advantage of any of the warranties offered by marine electronics companies you MUST have the details of the purchase. A receipt is the most important thing to have! The serial number is also clutch. Registering you product with the manufacturers website is a great tool for keeping this information in one place and digital. When your unit dies unexpectedly you may not be able to access the serial number and important data that could help which can be avoided by the registration of your product. Additionally, registering your product can keep you updated with the latest software updates, provide more efficient product support as well as updates about new products, promotions and events.

Manufacturers consider the warranty period of any electronics bought to begin upon the first purchase. If you buy a pre-owned unit you may still also be able to take advantage of warranty perks depending upon when the original owner purchased the item. At we offer an additional 90-Day guarantee to any product bought on our website regardless if the item is currently within its manufacturer warranty or not. We want you to avoid having to go talk to Chad at Bass Pro who has Algebra homework to finish just so you can get store credit. GraphShack can get it taken care of quickly and hassle-free with a replacement or cash back in your hand from the comfort of your boat. The hassle of warranty redemption can be frustrating. The amount of time and effort to complete the enitre process may deter the weak but not us! Here at GraphShack, we will actually go through the entire warranty process for you leaving you just waiting for your replacement unit to arrive. Who does that?

Manufacturer1 Year2 YearCartographyExtended
Lowrance:Hook2HDS Live & Carbon

Elite TI2
Garmin:—————>All units2-yearavailable
Humminbird:All units except:
Ice Flasher
Only Ice Flasher

The table above shows a simplified form of the three main fishfinder manufacturers warranty information. Overall, Garmin takes the cake for the best warranty on the market with a two-year warranty for all of their products! Lowrance has two-year warranty for its higher tier series (HDS Live, Carbon, and Elite Ti2) but skimps on its Hook2 series by only offering a one-year. Humminbird offers one-year warranty on all units except the Ice Flasher Series which get a two-year due to the harsh conditions it will be used in. Extended warranties are available for purchase from each manufacturer extending the warranty for possibly 3-5 years depending on the company. All manufacturers repair in and out of warranty units though usually charging the initial shipping to the factory. Upgrade and trade-in programs are also available for both defective and working units making it a little cheaper to obtain a new unit or refurbished replacement unit. In conclusion, warranties on your marine electronics are a must. Electronics fail frequently and by taking the right steps when buying your next product you can save yourself the hassle and friction it will take to get you back on the water!

Attached are links to specifics of the particular manufacturers warranty information.




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