Lowrance HST-WSU 83/200kHz Skimmer Transducer with Temp Sensor


Transom mount, 20 degree skimmer (200Khz) with built-in temperature. Includes power cable.

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The Lowrance® HST-WSU Transom-Mount Skimmer® Transducer with temperature slices through water without sonar-interfering bubbles for ideal sounding performance and cleanest sounder returns. Lowrance® High-speed Skimmer® transom-mount transducers are ideal for aluminum and steel hull vessels, each have a built-in sensor for water-temp readings, plus a unique “kick-up” transom-mount bracket helps prevent accidental strike damage.

Works with: Cuda 128, Cuda 128 P, Cuda 168, Cuda 168 EX, Cuda 242, Cuda 250 S/Map, FishEasy 240, FishEasy 245 DS, FishEasy 250 DS, FishEasy 320, FishElite 500C, FishElite 502C iGPS, FishElite 640C, FishElite 642C iGPS, FishMark 320, FishMark 500C, FishMark 640C, FishStrike 1000C, FishStrike 2000C, LCF-1440, LST-3800, M56 S/MAP, M68C S/MAP, X47, X47EX, X-50 DS, X67C, X-86 DS, X96

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