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Technical Features for Garmin GT21-TH w/ Temp

Product # 010-01962-10

The Garmin 010-01962-10 is a thru-hull transducer which provides ultra-clear sonar pictures of objects, structure and fish that pass below the boat. The Traditional CHIRP sonar and CHIRP DownVü/SideVü transducer is optimized for clear images at shallower depths. The CHIRP DownVü/ SideVü elements have a power rating of 500 W per element and operating frequencies of 260/455 kHz. The traditional CHIRP sonar has a power rating of 600 W and operating frequencies of mid-band CHIRP 50/200 kHz. It also includes a built-in fast-response temperature sensor.

010-01962-10 Features:

    • Thru-Hull 8-pin Transducer
    • Provides Depth & Temp Data
    • CHIRP DownVü/SideVü Operating Frequency 260/455 kHz
    • Traditional CHIRP Operating Frequency 50/200 kHz
    • Mounts on Less Than 25° Deadrise Angle
    • Provides Ultra-Clear Sonar Pictures of Objects, Structure & Fish
    • Built In Temperature Sensor
  • Includes:
    – 8-Pin Transducer w/ Stainless Steel Stem
    – Fairing Block
    – Isolation Plate & Bushings
    – Mounting Hardware
    – Installation Instructions

Works with Garmin Models:

  • echo:100, 101, 150, 151, 151dv, 200, 201, 201dv, 300c, 301dv, 301c, 301dv, 500c, 550c, 501c, 551c, 551dv
  • echoMAP:;43dv, 44dv, 50dv, 50dv, 50s, 53dv, 54dv, 70dv, 70s, 73dv, 73sv, 74dv, 74sv, 93sv, 94sv
  • echoMAP CHIRP:42dv, 43dv, 44dv, 45dv, 52dv, 53dv, 54dv, 55dv, 72dv, 73dv, 74dv, 74sv, 75dv, 75sv, 92sv, 93sv, 94sv, 95sv
  • GPSMAP:1020xs, 1040xs, 421s, 441s, 521s, 527xs, 546s, 547xs, 720s, 740s, 7407xsv, 7408xsv, 7410xsv, 741xs, 7410xsv, 7412xsv, 7416xsv, 7607xsv, 7608xsv, 7610xsv, 7612xsv, 7616xsv, 840xs
  • GSD™ 25 Premium Sonar Module
  • STRIKER4dv, 5dv, 7dv,7sv

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