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Lowrance Livesight vs Garmin Livescope

The highly anticipated Lowrance Livesight Transducer is finally on the market and GraphShack has got em! Lowrance has been teasing the fishing community with the release dates over the past year and we have been patiently waiting to see just what the Livesight can do. We recently got our first shipment of Livesights and were excited like a kid on Christmas to get our hands on them and test them on the water. The question is: How does the Lowrance Livesight hold up vs the Garmin Livescope? Our research and tests surprised us to say the least as we ultimately gave both transducers a certified GraphShack Rating after comparing the two.

Beginning with the Livesight, the MSRP is $999 and the installation is simple. It is plug and play with Lowrance Live Electronics and will soon be available for Lowrance Carbon units with the addition of a PS1 Module. The PS1 will be dropping around August 2019 per Lowrance last update. The outlooking cone angle is the most important spec of both of these live transducers. The outlooking cone angle of the Livesight is 40 degrees which means it is covering a lot of room and also allows the transducer to register faster with such a wide angle. This correlates on the graph in a big way. The graph shows a 90 degree angle from directly below the transducer and forward. This makes for amazing structure spotting over wide areas. It takes a bit to get used to the optics of the Livesight on the graph but once mastered it is truly LIVE technology. We could identify our bait with ease as well as fish and structure galore!

The Garmin Livescope (LVS32) MSRP comes in a bit higher at $1499. It also includes a module that serves as a separate processor from the transducer to the head unit which gets the amazing images you have seen online. The outlooking cone angle for the Livescope is shooting out at a 20 degree angle which is much more narrow than the Livesight. This means the transducer covers less area but is much more precise and produces much clearer images with less information to process. This focused angle gives you much more accurate fish-to-bait space depiction on your graph. The graph images on the Livescope are virtually video game fishing. The angle shown on the graph is at 135 degrees which means it goes further behind the boat and forward than its Lowrance rival.

Both transducers have their pros and cons. The price, cone angle, graph optics, and compatibility all go into consideration when giving these live technologies a GraphShack Certified Rating. We give the Lowrance LiveSight a rating of 8.5 out of 10 due to the graph optics and compatibility aspects. Although the least expensive of the two the 90 degree angle shown on the graph really makes the Livesight struggle to produce the imaging comparable to the Livescope. The Garmin Livescope receives a rating of 9.8 out of 10 due to the cone angle and game changing graph optics. The price in our opinion is worth it as we believe the Garmin live technology is top of the line currently.

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