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Best Fishfinder Mount: Balzout Mounts

Are all fish finder mounts the same? Do some mounts work better under rougher water conditions? Can I trust my mount to securely hold my expensive Garmin, Humminbird, Lowrance, Ray Marine, or Simrad graphs without worry of fail? Think of losing your graph simply because of a mount failing. All those hours spent marking way points, gathering data, remembering your secret coveted honey pots of fish…. ALL GONE! Such a tragic yet avoidable mistake. Us fishermen spend tons of money on the latest and greatest fishing electronics on the market and many times skimp on the mounting mechanism. Perhaps the overwhelming amount of options such as manufacturer, size, compatibility, and price make us filter the results simply by price for convenience. Regardless the reason, the worst thing we could do as fishermen is leave our priceless graph in the grips of an unworthy mount. For this reason, there is only one fish finder mount on the market today that the GraphShack Team fully supports: BalZout Mounts.

Over the past couple years Team GraphShack and BalZout Mounts have developed a great relationship centered around offering our customers the absolute best option to mount their fish finders to withstand all conditions. BalZout LLC is a Missouri company, dedicated to bringing you the most rugged and dependable electronics mounts on the market. 100% Made in the USA, GraphShack will back them up with a Limited-Lifetime warranty. Mount components are made of CNC machined aircraft aluminum. Each component is hard coat anodized. As a dealer of BalZout Mounts, GraphShack now offers the full line of mounts available in all colors and sizes.


*Black Anodized. Stainless Studs made in New York. Knobs made in Missouri. Anodizing and Powder Coating done by local professionals.

BalZout Brackets typically consist of 5 components: a base, two knuckle joints, a connection arm and a mounting plate. Each joint has a positive locking ball and socket mechanism that will not budge if tightened correctly. Each joint moves in 30 degree increments allowing anglers to position the mount to fit your needs. A spring pocket at each knob allows the joins to be moved when loosened, but keeps enough pressure to hold position for easy adjustment. Each stud is longer than the spring travel, so if a joint needs to be disconnected for any reason the knob will not be sprung into the water. Mounting plates are compatible with all fish finders including Lowrance, Humminbird, Garmin, Ray Marine, and Simrad. Mounting arms come in 4″, 6″, 9″, and 12″ with color options of black anodized, silver anodized, blue powder coated, and red powder coated. There are also two base options: bullet or round.

Important Dimensions:

Round Base: 3.75″ Diameter

Bullet Base: 2.1875″ x 3.75″

Unit Height:

4″ unit: Up to 6.5″ vertical (from deck to bottom of gimbal) or 6.5″ horizontal (from center of base to center of gimbal)

6″ unit: Up to 8.5″ vertical (from deck to bottom of gimbal) or 8.5″ horizontal (from center of base to center of gimbal)

9″ unit: Up to 11.5″ vertical (from deck to bottom of gimbal) or 11.5″ horizontal (from center of base to center of gimbal)

12″ unit: Up to 14.5″  vertical (from deck to bottom of gimbal) or 14.5″ horizontal (from center of base to center of gimbal)

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